Can you clarify what you mean by daily affirmations? I feel silly telling myself things, that I truly don’t believe.

One of the best things about affirmations is that, you don’t have to believe them at first, and they still are slowly changing the way you see yourself and the world around you. There are parts of your brain making connections to a greater truth, when they hear those words, whether your “inner critic” or your “super-ego” buy into the messages or not! Affirmations are intentions at first, and truths later; you simply write down affirming thoughts that align with what you’re trying to achieve.
Here are six reminders for making empowering affirmations that will take thoughts into real change and action.

  1. Start with the words “I Am.” These two words are extremely powerful as your brain knows you’re referring to yourself. Starting your affirmations with these two words will give your subconscious mind clarity and belief that whatever comes after them, is your reality.
  2. Write in the present tense. When you recite affirmations in present tense, you’re reassuring yourself that you believe whatever is in your affirmation, is factual and real right now. (
  3. Keep it positive. Avoid words with negative connotations like “not to,” “don’t,” “can’t,” “fear,” etc. Our minds focus more on these negative words, rather than what we are trying to avoid.
  4. Make it short and clear. Remember that the main purpose of an affirmation is for you to be able to picture it and ingrain it into your mind. So when creating an affirmation, make it direct and specific.
  5. Make it exciting. When creating affirmations, you want to make positive, self affirming, self-empowering statements that uplift and inspire you. So make sure you add fun and exciting words like, “I am enjoying making $——– a year.” or “I am energetic and loving.”
  6. Use it, say it, hear it, and see it as much as possible. Have affirmations in key places on post-it notes, in a journal, or as reminders on the phone, so that you are thinking of them often.

Call or text if you need clarification or support.
You’ve got this!