It’s your turn,
it’s your time… it’s time to write
The New Story of You


Become the patient, playful parent you have always wanted to be. Create safe, productive relationships in your home, grounded in reciprocity and respect. Regardless of your child’s age, it is possible to have flexible, encouraging, and fun interactions with your children. Stop butting heads, and start working together. Focus on shared Values, instead Rules and Punishment.

Feel powerful, connected, and open in your friendships, in the workplace, and even when interacting with extended family members. Fight toxic passivity with communication grounded in self-awareness and self-care. Find your True voice, and learn how to stop being the people-pleaser, in order to feel accepted and loved.

Become the visionary of your life, discovering your unique passion, gifts, and especially the drive to make it all happen. Peel back the layers of history, telling you who or what you should be. Rather, find the creative part of you brave enough to create your unique path and purpose.

True love and acceptance begins with authentic self-love and generosity of spirit toward yourself. The potential of a relationship is truly released after each person has explored their own core values, beliefs, and beauty. Learn to expect trust, freedom and the true connection that comes with loving boundaries in intimate relationships.

Ignite and energize your attitude toward caring for your mental and physical health. Put yourself first, and release yourself from guilt, self-defeating thoughts, and destructive habits. Build awareness of automatic coping mechanisms, and learn to make more intentional choices that support your mental and physical well-being.

Jade Latimer is a licensed therapist and life coach, specializing in codependency. The Old Story of You has to do with pleasing others, accommodating sometimes sick or toxic relationships, and feeling stuck, depleted, and hopeless. The Old Story revolves around a pattern of trying to protect yourself, survive old demons, or bury deep pain. The Old Story is that you are broken, small, and always waiting for your turn to shine.

It’s time to write a plot twist with a new character… this new character is authentic, raw and unashamed to show up, and it’s YOU. This story is the one where you put everyone else’s needs, the past, and all the pain aside… and you get real with the business of showing the world who you really are and what you really want to be.

Jade Graham

C. Jade Latimer, LPC

Trained in Mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Somatic Attachment Therapies, & Child Parent Psychotherapy, Jade Latimer is highly trained to work with individuals or families challenged by past or current traumas. Her coaching focuses on issues rooted in co-dependency and boundaries, as well as collaborative divorce.

“Jade has provided therapy services for several of my [family law] clients. She has a strong, dedicated work ethic, making herself available literally around the clock, when needed. She is an excellent professional witness, and all around great person.”
B.G. (family law attorney)

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