Jade Graham
C. Jade Graham, LPC

With a masters degree in counseling psychology and a bachelor’s degree in theatre arts, Jade has always maintained her passions for the arts and helping others. A proud alumni of University of Southern California, for many years, Jade was an accomplished singer, producer, and fundraiser for theatre projects. Jade retired from performing to focus on her son, who was struggling with high functioning autism. When he graduated from high school, psychological testing reveled that he had made a complete recovery from ASD. He is currently in his second year of college, on the Dean’s list. Jade’s daughter just graduated from college, magna cum laude, and is pursuing a career in public service.

During the years her children were in junior high and high school, Jade used her skills and creativity to successfully work as a licensed therapist, with children recovering from traumatic events. Her extensive post graduate studies focused primarily on treating trauma in infants, young children, teens, and their families. She spent many years working with children in foster care, helping them heal, and progress toward either reunification with their biological families or successful transition to loving adoptive homes.

Her unique perspectives and sensitivities in treating special needs and trauma in families, makes Jade especially skilled when working with families in crisis. Jade understands, in great depth, patterns of co-dependency, handed down generationally, due to addiction, trauma, or untreated mental health concerns in a family of origin. Co-dependent patterns are amplified when individuals are facing divorce; Often then, people clearly see the need to stop co-dependent patterns of relating to loved ones, especially when children are involved. Jade has dedicated the past five years to working with this population, as a therapist, a divorce coach, a co-parenting coach, and a recovering co-dependent herself.

Beyond the areas of coaching and therapy, Jade is an accomplished writer, speaker, and expert witness.